Art and Prayer,  Visio Divina

Visio Divina

Viso Divina is similar to Lectio Divina, but instead of reading and meditating on Scripture, one observes and meditates on something visual, perhaps an image or something in nature. (For those new to the term lectio divina, it is a form of Scripture reading in which we slowly read, meditate or reflect on, pray, and then contemplate a Bible passage or story so that we hear in it what God wants us to hear and then take that forward into our own life, rather than interpreting it with our own agenda.

Step 1: Gazing and seeing deeply

Ask God to open your mind and heart to his presence with you and to whatever he might have for you in this time with him in his creation. Walk slowly or sit quietly, with open focus and attentiveness, noticing as much as you can, until your attention is drawn to some particular object or aspect of the scene.

Step 2: Reflection/Meditation

Allow yourself to be drawn into deeper experience with the object. Observe it closely. Sketch it, noticing details and their relationship to one another as you sketch. Ponder whatever thoughts, images, feelings, or memories come up for you. Do any passages of Scripture come to mind?

Step 3: Prayer

How might God be speaking to you through this aspect of his creation? What does this object or scene tell or show you about God? Take time to speak with God or to sit in silent listening or wonder. Perhaps journal some words or thoughts along with your sketch.

Step 4: Rest/ Contemplation

Rest in whatever God has communicated with you or simply in an awareness of God’s presence and of his creative. Consider how you’ll carry this awareness into your daily life. Perhaps journal about this.

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